Rock City Counseling & Spectra Studios Present

Elevate: Discovering Freedom Within

W/ Rock City Counseling and Consulting Services, Spectra Studios, Savvy Savant, Chloe Jacobs
Ages 6 and Up

About This Event

Experience an unforgettable evening at the 3rd Annual Mental Health Awareness Show! Our talented artists will captivate you with performances focused on personal liberation, confronting inner challenges, and transcending barriers. Enjoy stunning acts in aerial arts, flow arts, dance, singing, and more. Witness a journey where creativity meets empathy, fostering a space for awareness and connection.

Hosted by Savvy Savant and Chloe Jacobs.

PLEASE NOTE - The Hall is a cashless venue. Only debit or credit cards are accepted at our bars, box office and guest services window. Please plan accordingly.

PLEASE RIDESHARE - Parking is limited around the venue. We strongly recommend using rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft for transportation to and from the venue. There is a designated rideshare pick up / drop off location near the entrance for your convenience.

Artist Info

Elevate: Discovering Freedom Within
Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Through Performing Arts
Rock City Counseling and Consulting Services
Rock City Counseling and Consulting Services is committed to delivering high-quality mental health care within our community. Our mission is to foster both mental and emotional balance through innovative and compassionate care, forging strong connections with individuals and families alike. 

In 2022, we launched an inspiring initiative to promote mental health awareness through the performing arts. Now in its third year, this endeavor holds special spiritual significance and marks a significant milestone for our organization. We are excited to see the creativity and impactful performances our talented participants will showcase, as we continue our dedication to mental health advocacy through the arts.
Spectra Studios
Founded in 2024, Spectra Studios emerged from the vision that each individual's unique spectrum of talents acts like a brushstroke on a vast canvas. When these brushstrokes come together, they create a breathtaking masterpiece, rich in color and depth. Currently a virtual platform for aerial artists and other creatives, Spectra Studios aspires to evolve into a dynamic collective of artistic talent. We believe that every person’s distinct artistry contributes to a more vibrant and inclusive performing arts community.

As a proud partner of Rock City Counseling and Consulting Services, we support the initiative to promote mental health awareness through performing arts. Together, we strive to bring diverse voices and stories to life, enriching our community and fostering a deeper appreciation for mental health advocacy through creative expression.
Savvy Savant
Savvy Savant is back to dazzle us once again!

As our fabulous host and emcee last year, Savvy's elegant drag performance won our hearts. Crowned Miss Gay Arkansas America 2022, she brings style and presence to every stage. Get ready for a night of glamour and grace with Savvy leading the way!
Chloe Jacobs
Savvy is bringing a friend to host with her this year, the fabulous Chloe Jacobs!

Also a talented drag performer, Chloe was crowned Miss Gay Arkansas in 2018. Known for her fierce yet glorious and elegant looks, Chloe brings a unique blend of charm and beauty to the stage. Prepare for an unforgettable night with Chloe co-hosting!