Mask Now Party Later

Text 'Mark Now Party Later' lit up on a stage
Decorative image displaying that wearing a mask now we can party later


Do you miss live events as much as we do? Here’s what you can do to help us get them back sooner! If you want live events in 2020, do your part. Take the pledge – SHARE,  REPOST!


  • Wear a Mask
  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Stay Home




The safety of artists, guests, and employees is our top priority. While health & safety procedures are followed on a daily basis, we will enforce the following to be sure everyone stays healthy as we bring back live events:

  • Socially distanced seating
  • Masks required unless actively eating/drinking
  • Temperature checks upon entry
  • Sanitation procedures throughout


  • Closely monitoring daily updates & recommendations from local and federal authorities.
  • Ticket sales and attendance will not exceed the mandated amount dictated by the Metro Health Department and City Council
  • Strongly encouraging staff, guests, artists, and crews to keep their hands to themselves and to remain socially distant
  • Performing artist will be a minimum of 15 feet from guests
  • Masks are required to enter & must remain on except when actively eating or drinking
  • Event end time will comply with guidelines set by Metro Health Department and City Council
  • Touchless sanitization stations installed around the venue located near entrance, exit and restrooms.
  • In addition to our standard nightly cleaning procedures, we are sanitizing all door handles, surfaces, bars, etc. before, during & after every show/event.
  • Educational signs placed in all bathrooms with hand washing instructions to remind you all how to properly wash your hands.
  • On that note, we’ve retrained our entire staff in thorough and frequent hand-washing – fronts, backs, wrists, between fingers – with soap and warm water for at least twenty seconds each time and taking frequent hand washing and dance breaks
  • All guests must remain in their designated area during the concert unless leaving to use the restroom or go to the bar
  • All staff, guests, artists, and crew will be temperature checked upon entry. Entry is not permitted if temperature is 100.4 or higher.
  • All staff, artists, and crew are required to wear masks from load in to load out, with the exception of artists on stage during performance
  • Nitrile gloves are being worn and changed frequently by all appropriate staff during their shift
  • Employees must stay home if they experience fever or any symptoms and get tested before returning to work
  • Strongly encouraging guests to use credit cards vs. cash
  • Education about COVID19 and the risk of transmission will be communicated to all patrons prior to showtime, encouraging high risk fans to consider not attending.

Music lovers: please help us push this public health agenda so we can safely bring back live events sooner!